What We Do


Business investment planning

A well defined strategy is essential to the success of any business project. Whether the project is instrumental to your 5 year growth plan, or a tactical investment to significantly enhancing your servicing processes, or you are about to invest a significant capital in upgrading your ICT thoroughly - we will help you to construct a strategic roadmap which entails clearly how every anticipated strategic investment will be delivered by a successful accomplishment and each has precise correlation to timeliness and qualitative measures.

The complex but crucial works can involve any of the following work as appropriate:


  • Critical review and goal prioritisation: Critical review and qualification of every initiative whilst ensuring it has been prioritised against business goals and qualification of definition

  • Facilitate - Consolidate - Present back to Shareholder: Facilitation of the entire ideation journey from initiation to final presentation to the board for selection. Guide the stakeholders and project managers to complete a Project Charter

  • Product and Customer experience journey mapping: Thorough product and customer servicing cost mapping thus pinpointing opportunities for optimisation

  • Operational cost mapping: Business solutions architecture and option identification.


Business Technology Consultation

Independent and Trusted View

Let us help you to find new solutions for growth or optimising mission critical processes

For example we can

  • Find technology solutions and deliver custom recommendations based on your business requirements

  • Review options and produce independent assessments

  • Inspect a critical process end-to-end and identify risks and optimisation opportunities

  • Research the competitive landscape of your market with a purpose to assess a goal and to define objectives.

Business Meeting

Project Management Coaching

Hands on coaching for project managers and project teams to achieve great results

You are investing in a critical project in which the successful delivery should significantly expand your operational processes, technology capabilities, customer service qualities that will be pivotal to your business growth. Your project manager and project team are taking on this breadth of scale and complexity for the first time and you cannot afford anything but resounding success. We can help to ensure their project works will perform to expectation and your project objectives will be met.

A wide range of support is available. We can talk through your project and team situation to define the most appropriate scope of support.

  • 1-1 coaching for project manager

  • Daily stand-ups with project team

  • End to end review of project progress across all work streams

  • Critical review of project current state and action planning to get on track

  • Deep dive coaching on specific project knowledge areas, for example, triage of risk and resolution management.

Business Meeting

Project Requirements Planning

Requirements planning through developing every critical need into structured project scope with clearly defined user stories

Requirements planning is the 'must have' process of all projects. This essential process takes place at the early stage of project. A set of concisely defined requirements with strong linkage to project objectives are the basis in destining a project to a successful outcome.

Driven by overall spread of the business project scope and quantity of stakeholders in the picture, requirements planning could evolve to be extremely time consuming and very difficult to deliver if they have grown to be exceedingly complicated but not really answering the original business goals.

ANP makes use of pragmatic and hybrid application of agile and waterfall techniques to bring needs into specifically defined requirements. We guide your team to illustrate a clear user story as portrait of the final deliverable. The requirements will be critically prioritised with backlog established as necessary through Kanban and minimal viable product planning.

Business Team

Business Case Development and SWOT

Know your competition before investing

Prior to committing in a project investment, we will help you to develop a comprehensive business case with detailed cost benefit analysis. This extremely important work helps you and stakeholders to be absolutely sure of the business project goals, expectations, financial viability, competitor landscape and options. The outcome will position your organisation with strong confidence in the project investment.

  • The Business Case will be a comprehensive charter detailing all financial and resource costing and forecasts, thus to draw a clear case on the project proposition; if it should proceed and what changes may be necessary to make it viable

  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis will be conducted to make sure that you and investors are very clear of the business landscape in which the project solution is intending to compete in

  • Business case development with cost benefit analysis

  • It will be necessary to develop other options and most importantly an exit strategy. It is always great to have a plan B.